Offering customers
comprehensive, tailor-made

Marine Insurance Solutions

Santova Logistics offers customers comprehensive,
tailor-made marine insurance solutions.

Marine Insurance Solutions

Partnering with independent insurance brokers

Santova leverages off various insurance brokerage services to offer our customers end-to-end marine insurance advise, consultancy and solutions.

We can provide a unique, client-centric approach to risk management by analysing, designing and implementing tailor-made solutions to reduce your impact of loss. The wide range of high-quality insurance products are supported by leading underwriters, insurers and brokers.

The insurance opportunities include:

Annual Marine Cargo Policy

An annual premium is established on the estimated value of shipments over the next underwriting period. On expiry, the Insured declares the actual shipment volumes. It is the easiest and most convenient way to cover the insured’s import and export risks.

Single Marine Policy (once-off)

This is once-off insurance coverage for import or export shipments as well as Goods in Transit single shipments. Companies use this solution when shipping volumes are low.

Open Marine Policy

This allows clients to make periodic declarations of shipments (e.g. monthly/ quarterly/annually) with premium payable on each declaration made.

Throughput Policy

This policy is used to comprehensively cover the goods whilst being shipped, in transit and in storage until delivery to final destination. This end-to-end solution often produces a significant premium saving and will also avoid gaps in cover between the marine risk and the static risk.